The Prophet ﷺ said, 
"If the Resurrection were established upon one of you while he has in his hand a sapling, then let him plant it."
Even when the world around us is falling apart,
the BELIEVER takes ACTION - with hope and strategy.

Start off your 2021 taking concrete action to better every part your life.
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Believers don't just make Dua and wait...
Allah humbled the world in 2020. Everyone's trying to stay strong - but it's been difficult.  

As believers, we're taught that even when the world's about to end, we don't just sit around and pray. We "plant the seed", we act - and stay hopeful. 

Let's collectively take a step back, hit refresh, and step forward once again with bismillah. 

With strategic action and the Help of Allah, let's better every part of our lives together...

...our finances, relationships, health, and above all - our Deen. 

What is the Sapling Challenge?
First, what it is NOT - I don't believe in goal setting or "resolutions". These are nothing but static wishes. 

In this challenge, we’re stripping it down to the core - your identity, your habits, your accountability.

When you change internally (inside out) - who you are, the decisions you make, the habits you build...

...the and only then, will you see transformations - that last LONG TERM... even permanently. 
What Areas Will We Focus On?

  • Spirituality - let's work on heart blocks, strengthen your hope in Allah, and get you Ramadan Ready. 
  • Fitness - the pandemic is still raging on, and focus on our physical and mental health has never been more important. 
  • Relationships - locked down with family and separated from those outside your household can strain marriages, frustrate children, and distance our loved ones. Let's start mending.
  • Finances - drastic changes of the past year meant income lost for some and gain for others. How do we navigate the new world and improve our wealth and be of those who give. 
  • Blueprint - in each day of the 5 days, you'll learn the strategy for building up your identity, habits, and accountability - so you can duplicate it for any other part of your life, in sha Allah.
What To Expect Inside The Challenge
5 Live Sessions Monday to Friday with Muhammad Alshareef,
Manal Rostom 
(Nike Brand Ambassador), 
and Menahal Begawala
(Licensed Mental Health Counsellor)
Join an engaging Tribe of Dreamers & Action Takers, ready to support one another and putting in the work together - no person left behind
Because this challenge is about 
FAST ACTION and BIG PERSONAL WINS, we're cheering you along the way with the chance to win prizes for action taken
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